Zendresscut in London with Oxford Fashion Studio

By | October 11, 2017

Zendresscut in London with Oxford Fashion Studio


London Fashion Week was when and where Tel-Aviv based fashion brand zendresscut showed their latest collection Peony Pioneer.



When the zendresscut label opened the show, it set up the atmosphere straight away. The intriguing music, associated with the personalised hair and make-up of the models are all details that allowed the viewer to grasp the identity of the brand from the very first second.


By playing with dimensions, and by creating optical illusions with shapes, textures and patterns, the designer transported the audience into a very unique parallel world, for this Peony Pioneer collection.


“I am extremely honored to have been able to show my work to new crowds”


Using fashion design as a tool to analyse human evolution and species evolution, Xen, the designer behind the brand presented a thought-provoking series, featuring deconstructed shapes, oversized protuberances and unusual shapes, creating harmony in the unusual.


One of the strongest pieces of the collection : a reinterpretation of the minidress. By shortening the bouffant line dress and adding a high waist to it, the designer only had to add some flowery patterns to make it an outstanding piece within the series.


One thing is sure : the designer definitely has a strong artistic identity, that she conveys through fashion first, but also through other art forms.



“My plans for the label is to widen it’s activity from a fashion house to a multi platform content agency while preserving my hardcore artistic attitude.”


The designer has already started an exciting collaboration with a musician from Tel Aviv; and we are expecting to re-discover the essence of the brand through a different angle.