Why Mary – Milan

By | September 8, 2017

Why Mary’s Fashion : A gift from nature

Words by Armelle Aurelya Morton


When talking about gift, we tend to think of material, clothing or fashion accessories; when talking about gift from nature, the thoughts usually go to beautiful landscapes, peaceful moments and communion with nature. Why Mary is the label that combines both these types of gifts, adding natural landscapes and amazing views into fashion. In fact, the family-run Australian label is known for its fusion of artistic fabric choice and casual, easy wear style. The designs of the latest collection will be showcased in Milan for this September’s Fashion Week with Oxford Fashion Studio.




Behind the brand, the designer who makes a point of creating feminine, earthy and slightly quirky designs wants the label to appeal to women who like to make a statement and dress with a difference. Janette Laver, which graduated in Fashion, always keeps the standards very high in term of quality and attention to detail, while accentuating the artistic identity of her clothing label. After development of the brand, Janette’s daughter joined the adventure, adding a youthful edge and a new eye to the brand.

Getting inspiration from nature, the Australian designer infuses her perception of nature’s gifts and her interpretation of this beauty into every single garment. In fact, rather it is by translating the aesthetic of Australian native trees into a print, or by using photos of sunrise and sunset to create the patterns of her garments, the designer celebrates nature and its beauty by allowing women to wear the riches of nature in a comfortable and easy manner.


Printing my own fabrics using graphics, art or photography has been a definite influence in my creative process.




Printing my own fabrics using graphics, art or photography has been a definite influence in my creative process. The relaxed Australian lifestyle contributes to the unstructured minimal designs.


Rather it be in the prints or in the cuts, the garments of the WHY MARY label definitely spread an Australian feeling. Inspired by the landscapes and views of Australia, as well as the comfortable lifestyle, the Why Mary woman can only feel comfortable, confident and unique in her clothes, while keeping her independent style; wearing something that makes her feel in harmony with her surroundings and her daily life.


The family-run label will be making its debut at Milan Fashion Week this September with Oxford Fashion Studio, offering European women a chance to have a glimpse at the Australian way of life through the Why Mary garments and the story they tell.