By | September 8, 2017

An invite to be everything but boring with the TREEN MACHINE


Words by Armelle Aurelya Morton

Every child loves dressing up, rather it be to become a princess for one day, or a vampire; a superhero or a teacher. After a few years, people stop dressing up, stop dreaming and start conforming in what others want from them. Standing up against conformity and in favour of expressing oneself, the Treen Machine label designs and creates alternative world through fashion; allowing the wearer to be truly different.

The Treen Machine’s designs will be on the runway of Milan Fashion Week this September with Oxford Fashion Studio, and we expect that at least for this moment, we will remember to just be whatever it is that we want to be.




“What I want more than anything, is for the beauties that wear my art to feel as if they are no longer just human. For when they wear my creation, they can be anything that want; they don’t have to be what the rest of the world wants. Life is entirely too short to not dress up and be who you actually are.”


Treena Elizabeth, the designer behind the Treen Machine has one and only one goal, she wants to help people to dare and to be different. Designing is her way of encouraging and bringing this reality to life. Fashion design has opened up the most perfect platform for me to create art that makes people think, and to encourage folk to step outside of their comfort zone and question reality.”


Rather it be for a world conceptualised by another creative mind, or for a world created by herself, Treena always thrive to create the perfect atmosphere and the perfect pieces to translate the reality of this parallel reality. In fact, most of the Treen Machine’s designs are made to order, to fulfill demand for performances, fashion events, music events or other art projects.

Treena has always found her inspiration in music, translating into fashion the feelings and atmosphere that she can hear. From one sense to the other, from one creative mind to the other, the Treen Machine designs have no limit in terms of where they can take the viewer. Using unusual material and original platforms, Treena interprets her own vision of fiction and fictional character. Unicorns and aliens are real, and we can decide to be one or the other thanks to Treena’s designs.




The Treen Machine’s designs will be presented on the runway of Milan Fashion Week with Oxford Fashion Studio this September, giving the viewer the audacity and the courage to think that everyone and anyone can choose to be anything but boring in with the Treen Machine designs.