The Prodigal Daughter // Australia

By | February 10, 2017

London // 9pm Runway Show // The R/evolution Collection

Phoebe Mwanza is an Australian based fashion designer born in Zambia and raised in Zimbabwe. The Prodigal Daughter tells the story of the designers journey back to her roots after many years of being disconnected from it. Through The Prodigal Daughter, Phoebe seeks to consolidate her two worlds and cultures – marrying Africa’s bold and colourful prints to Australia’s tempered, mute landscape. Each piece is more than an item of clothing – it is a statement, a gift from the motherland and a way of celebrating individuality and the innate uniqueness that each of us are born with. Phoebe creates beautiful silhouettes that liberate the modern woman to make her own statement. This woman is free spirited, rebellious in her fashion choices and a non-conformist when it comes to fashion trends.

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