By | September 3, 2017

SHERRY K|WOK; Distorted Visions


Words by Annelies Keus

When it comes to aesthetic, this brand is definitely not set within the norms of ‘common’. Designer of the self-titled label, Sherry Kwok, takes inspiration from many technical garments such as compression sportswear – through its functional yet dynamic use of panels and stitch lines, and crazy forms. The brand blurs the boundaries between different contexts in which they can be worn – Performance Sportswear, Sportslux, High Fashion, Conceptual, Ready-to-Wear, even Costume Design. Sherry explains; “It’s all about expressing yourself and being able to wear what you like to wear, but at the same time able to dress the same pieces differently to serve different purposes.”

There is no right or wrong in terms of silhouette and colour in Sherry’s incredible new collection, a luxury sportswear line called; “Distorted Vision”. The result is all about the layering and details, particularly the line work. Though the pieces are quite theatrical, there are no limits when it comes to functionality in movement and material. Inspired by the kinetics of sport, and optical distortion of the body, her pieces all have an element of transformation and encourages the wearer to be playful and express themselves.

“I use the industry demands as a reminder of society’s needs and place at the time. Because at the end of the day, we are creating for the future. Anything goes.”

When asked about her design process, Sherry explains that her ideas, designs and concepts arise from different sources, whether through illustrations, experiments, draping, or simply mucking around. While working on a garment, a design could change completely along the way. As she loves working with others, often times, inspiration comes from people just having a laugh.

Talking about the future, the designer aims to tackle the sports fashion / performance wear industry. She is ready to test the limits on society’s acceptance of new ideas, using fashion as the main tool of inspiration to create otherworldly designs which can become commonplace in the future. She wants to create new textiles and mix and match anything, even those that would not have seemed compatible. “I want people to do and feel as they wish and not feel confined in what they wear. Be adventurous and confident and never stop being yourself.”

In 2015, Sherry was awarded third place in the International Melbourne Flower and Garden Show – RMIT Fashion Design contest. She also had the privilege of being chosen to showcase her work at the RMIT Emerging Runway in 2016. This season, SHERRY K|WOK will debut at London Fashion Week, showing her collection “Distorted Visions” with Oxford Fashion Studio on September 16th.