Shelley MacDonald Jewellery Designer // Canada

By | February 16, 2017

London // 7pm Runway Show // Boreal North Collection

Shelley MacDonald is a Canadian Jewellery Designer –Goldsmith- living in Northern Canadian, Yukon Territory. A graduate of NSCAD University in Halifax, Nova Scotia Shelley has been making jewellery since 2000. Inspired by the wild and rugged north, The Boreal Collection represents her interpretation of the natural and often harsh elements of her environment. Shelley’s work explores the confluence of natural elements, converting them in metal to obscure the connection between natural forms and the body. Shelley’s work has been featured in the New York Times, the Glode and Mail and several UK fashion outlets after Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge wore one of her signature earring designs during her recent visit to Canada in 2016.

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