By | September 3, 2017

SARAWALEE “Cher (เฌอ)“


Words by Annelies Keus

Dividing her time between Bangkok and London, young designer Sarawalee Lusamlit’s signature style is shaped by both Eastern and Western influences. After graduating from London College of Fashion, she decided to launch her very own fashion label, named ‘Sarawalee’. From sketches to patterns, she perfected her art with exquisite tailoring techniques, using only the finest materials. Sarawalee’s debut collection “Cher (เฌอ)“ features delicate pleated details and clean cut silhouettes. This evening-wear collection is inspired by the fashion styles of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit of Thailand (1950s to 60s), and the key elements of Thai traditional dress. The strong reference to her roots extends in the fabric, using the most luxurious Thai Silks (mainly Prae Wa Silk) to create her garments. We got an exclusive interview with the designer, giving insight on what inspired her work.

  1. How would you describe your design process?

>> Every time when I come up with an idea, I will always start my design process by doing research about those ideas first. This allows me to expand my knowledge and creativity about the topic. After the research, hundreds of design ideas will be sketched onto my sketchbook. Some of the designs that represented the collection and my label most will be chosen as the final line-up for the collection.

The next crucial stage is the toile development process. I spend most of my time and effort in this process to create and develop different patterns. This will help to assure that every garment will be at its best quality for all wearers.


  1. What is the ethos of the ‘Sarawalee’ brand?

>> ‘Sarawalee’ is determined to provide glamorous items from the highest quality to her customers. We aim to illustrate femininity, elegance and a little bit of playfulness from our designs to inspire women to become more confident in themselves. We want people who wear our clothes to feel as special as possible.

Also, as a pure Thai identity label, we would like to retain the Thai references from time to time throughout the lifetime of the label.


  1. Can you explain how and when you first got an interest in fashion design?

>> I’ve had an interest in fashion, ever since I was a child. In our free time, me and my sister would enjoy dressing up my Barbie dolls into many different outfits.

Both of my parents are financial advisors so, I grew up watching them do their jobs. and as the eldest sister, I was expected to be the person who would take over the family business in the future. Therefore, all those years fashion remained only as one of my interests.

However, this all changed when I was 18 years old. That year, I had a chance to participate in a short fashion design course during my summer holiday.

After a few weeks into the course, I realised that fashion design is what I really love. It didn’t take too long before fashion turned from just an interest into something that I was truly passionate about. I started to picture myself running my own label and working in the fashion industry.

After the holiday, I decided to change my degree path from Business Management to Fashion Design and Development at London College of Fashion.

It has been five years since I made that decision and there hasn’t been a day that I regret it.


  1. What are your future goals?

>> I am currently working on further developing my label and promoting it in my home country (Thailand). The plan is to expand to other countries in the future, so we’re excited to debut on London Fashion Week this season. It has always been my dream to have my designs recognised globally.

Also, one of my most important goals is to keep developing myself by learning new things and continue to do what I love (which is designing of course!)


  1. How do you deal with the pressure of a demanding industry?

>> Even though in fashion demand is one of the top priorities, sometimes it is good for me to remember that you cannot always please everyone.

Being organised really helps me to deal with pressure and stress. I write my ‘to-do list’ and ideas in a notebook, then set the appropriate deadlines for each task. It allows me to be able to see the bigger picture, think clearer and work more efficiently.


  1. What do you think your wearer should feel like whilst wearing your clothes?

>> Comfortable, Confident and Elegant.


Besides launching her own label, the talented graduate also draws incredible fashion illustrations, which she shares on her website. Though the brand is still in its early stages, Sarawalee is ready to inspire the world with her vision and work. She is very excited to present her collection with Oxford Fashion Studio during London Fashion Week on September 16th.