Rolling out the Red Carpet with Naomie Peris Bridals

By | October 31, 2017

Words and interview by Annelies Keus


Bridal designer Naomie Peris showed an outstanding collection during Oxford Fashion Studio’s Milan Fashion Week at the breath-taking Principe Di Savoia. The collection called “The Fairytale of the Amazon Jungle” featured all handmade gown with exquisite detailing, made from french laces, intricate beading and fine tailoring. Naomie has been working hard over the past decade creating beautiful gown, and she is continuing growing her brand. We got up a sneak preview of what’s next to come in an exclusive interview with the designer, talking about her experience in Milan and exciting news for upcoming collections.

How do you feel about your experience at Milan Fashion Week this season?

I LOVED IT!  It was amazing to see my collection down the runway at Milan Fashion Week in such a beautiful place like the Principe Savoia. Milan is such a great city so full of history with great food and bars and so easy to get around. Walking the streets, felt like every day was a catwalk.

It sure was a learning curve with the logistics of getting things there and taking care of little things like finding dressmakers for alterations in a city I wasn’t familiar with. We got it done though and with each time we do something like this we will learn more too.

Getting ready for the show was so exciting, the fittings of the gorgeous models went so well, they were such professionals. It made them so easy to work with especially dealing with a quick change in a hectic show. Hair and makeup were fantastic and the music was sensational. We were lucky enough to be able to watch the show before us so we could see what was actually going on. It’s always difficult behind the scenes to gauge an audience and what a show looks like. To be able to close the show was such an honour for me, the feedback from the audience during and after the show is something I will remember forever.


Did you get any feedback after the presentation of your collection?

I received so many compliments on the night and was even stopped in the street a couple of times the next day by people congratulating me on my collection telling me that they loved seeing it. It has been so great to have seen so many people from Milan Fashion Week using images of my gowns from photos and video they took and sharing it around social media. I have so many new friends and followers from the collection. I can’t wait to use the images from the show in my marketing campaign over the next months.


What are you working on at the moment? Is there something new coming soon?

Of Course, A designer never sleeps. *laughs* The last few weeks have been a blur as I had to rush back to Australia to show at Fashfest a 3 day fashion extravaganza of our own here in Canberra and then straight into a photoshoot of my collection. I was really inspired after returning home and have started sketching my next collection. I hope this one will be even more exciting than the last.


What are your plans for your label in the future?

Our plans are to continue making custom made gowns for Brides as we have done for the last 10 years, I am also working on a new piece of technology that will help us grow our business and be more accessible. I am also going to create some Red Carpet gowns that perhaps might be part of my next collection. There is such a similarity between bridal gowns and those beautiful red carpet dresses. I have always loved and been inspired by glamour which is one of the reasons why I was so drawn to Bridal in the first place. I would love to see some of my designs re-imagined for the red carpet and new ones created hopefully coming to a red carpet in Europe soon.