Parking Level in London with Oxford Fashion Studio

By | October 10, 2017


For her first runway show experience, Sloan-Perry, designer behind the label Parking Level, showcased with Oxford Fashion Studio in London.





By playing with the usual perception of silhouette, the designs featured strong characteristics, combining sophistication and comfort. In fact, it is not sportswear, it is oversized outerwear, with a touch of sophistication that makes it different. Structured shoulders, tops one inch shorter than usual, on the runway is a new interpretation of cool. The sleeves, wrist and ankles details, combined with the unusual mix and match of textures are the winning formula for the Parking Level collection.


One of the strongest looks of the collection, a woman’s blue and red outfit, featuring all the details signature of the series. The fitted shape of the trousers gives the model legs for day, reinforced by the oversized top, giving a new architecture to the silhouette. With the red wrists echoing the lower leg of the trousers, the harmony of the garment reflects the cohesion running through the entire collection.


Having got contacted already by European and Asian PR agencies after the show, the label managed to get its message delivered and its strong identity understood on an international level. The designer is already working on a new streetwear collection inspired by the theme of Love and Seduction, which will reaffirm the uniqueness of the brand, the creativity of the designer and their deserved spot on the fashion scene.