Oxford Fashion Studio – PFW Collection Shows (part 3)

By | October 9, 2017

Words by Annelies Keus


Opening the final show of the season was designer Alessandra Vasi. Her brand-new collection named “Caravan” featured earthy tones and soft, flowing fabrics, comfortably draped around the body. Having travelled between North and South America her whole life, Alessandra’s work shows influences from many cultures, using prints, layers and a-symmetric lines while combining fabrics and textures.

Next on is Siah Howard, showcasing her “Transformation” collection. Featuring fitted maxi dresses in mesh and sequin, Siah showed both elegant and dramatic looks on the runway, including prints, lots of shine and hints of gold. With a subtle blend of colours, luxurious fabrics and exquisite embellishments; sparkle was seen from every angle.

The House of Radha showed amazing headpieces to finish off their extraordinary gowns. The designers Indian Sikh background is shown through her colourful designs. The collection called “Light Through the Darkness” features perfectly cut mermaid shaped gowns, with traditional prints and pleats, including sheer veils flowing behind the models as they strutted the runway, closing the collection with a traditional tailored men’s suit in black and gold. Noticeable where the incredible statement jewellery pieces, beautifully complimenting each garment.

Accessories designer Mardi Price showed handmade items such as belts, chokers, arm and leg pieces. With her designs, the designer is honouring the Australian Aboriginal Art. Edgy and playful pieces, made from leather with traditional patchwork, print and style shows that Mardi has a unique talent, making tradition a perfect addition for modern fashion.

The next pieces on the runway belong to Portuguese designer Alexandrino, who showed an extraordinary collection called “Women Land”. With this collection, the designer proved to have a sharp eye for detail and exquisite tailoring techniques. Though the shapes are relatively simple, the unique hand embroidery and prints, using luxurious fabrics such as silk and velvet in luminous colours is what makes her clothing so desirable.

The designs from activewear label Shama Jade followed and seriously spiced up the runway with their bodysuits. Incredible designs, made from luxurious fabrics that hug the body and create edgy style. Though made to practise yoga, combined with biker boots and a leather jacket the lace cat suits would easily obey a fierce look for a night out.

Jewellery designer Lesunja presented her breath-taking jewels on little black dresses. The pieces stood out because of their rustic shape and structured gold with coloured stones, featuring earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces and even a full torso piece in silver strings flowing from neck to wrist. Instead of using traditional white diamonds, Lesunja is putting the underrated colours, in particular black gems in the spotlight, showing beautiful combinations of stones and structures in extraordinary designs.

Closing the show, and OFS’ Paris Fashion Week, were the beautiful bridals from Silent Siren. Elegant, bold, both in colour, print and shape, with a touch of vintage. Soft layers of fabrics in contrasting textures such as lace, mesh, embroidery and silk. Next to traditional white bridal gowns, the stunning combinations of pastel colours covered in a harmonious printed lace showed the brands signature style. From mermaid shapes to semi-ball gowns, a perfect collection to end the evening and Oxford Fashion Studio’s Fashion Month at the Hotel D’Evreux in Paris.