Oxford Fashion Studio – PFW Collection Shows (Part 1)

By | September 28, 2017

Oxford Fashion Studio – PFW Collection Shows (Part1)


Words by Armelle Aurelya Morton


New city, new designers. After having curated designers from all around the world, the Oxford Fashion Studio team is now ready to present the collections of the ones they felt with the classic and elegant fashion aesthetic of the French capital. The months of preparation, days of meetings and hours of fittings are about to pay off. It is Paris, it is the end of the season for the Oxford Fashion Studio team. 5:00PM : It’s time to present the very first Paris collection show, featuring extraordinary and unique designers.



Opening the show is designer Antonella Russo and her Ex-Human collection. From the very first look, the tone is set : the audience is transported to a parallel dimension, in which humans and machines have somehow fusioned. The pleated work and the unique cutting techniques visually narrow the gap between reality and science fiction, brought to life in structural 3D garments with a bold and futuristic appeal. The long legs of the models are highlighting the subtle cuts and structured shapes of the designer’s creations.


Next on the runway is Arevir Fashions. By playing with transparency and femininity the designer offers a range of feminine and elegant creations in this Serenity Glaze collection. From the very first look, the mood is set : the ambiance is definitely sensual and feminine. Playing with lace, embroidery, transparency and glitters, we will remember the long red evening dress featuring a deep low back. When fashion rhymes with sensuality.


Liina Stein is the next designer to present a unique series on the catwalk. From the first look on the runway, the atmosphere is set : seductive, sensual, feminine. Showcasing silk dresses and delicate bodysuit,  the collection is a message for bold and daring women. Between transparency and leather straps, added to the omnipresence of lace and embroidery, the collection has only one aim : spreading LOVE, as it is geniusly named. No faux-pas, no detail left behind; the collection is coherent, and it leaves a lasting impression in the viewer’s mind.


The creations of Marina Willms Fashion Design are next. Change of music, change of atmosphere, Marina Willms is setting the mood to make sure the audience is watching in the right mindset. Combining silky textures with comfy hairy material, the Marina Willms designs are transporting the viewer in a parallel world. The big bows and oversized shoulders, combined with the mix-and-match of materials are a daring but perfect recipe for the brand to spread the brand’s identity.


The next designs on the runway are the ones of designer Matt Sarafa. Going bold, going shiny : that is the signature of the label. The conceptual designs are a real explosive mix, perfectly translating the designer’s personality. Between the metallic textures and the daring designs; all the designs are accessorized with assorted gloves featuring incrusted nails matching the designer’s collection : just one more way to show that this designer’s does not do anything by half, just like his personality is not by half either.


Next on the runway, the creations of designer ALEXANDRA SALAMAKHINA are now on the catwalk. Her Salam! Collection is a real sharing moment; sharing a culture, sharing a story, sharing a lifestyle. The series is featuring silky scarves, floating skirts and cultural prints and patterns, the Azerbaijani designer is adding a touch of diversity to the show by sharing her Eastern European culture through her designs.


Closing the first collection show of the day, designer Zara Umrigar and her highly intricate designs. Between hand-made embroidery and delicate details the gowns are perfectly presented on the runway by the slender silhouette of the Paris models. We can only remember the long red gown with shiny details, that went even more beautiful that it already was; especially when the models made a slow turn, the layers showcasing the hardwork and the attention to details that the designer puts into creating her artwork. Zara Umrigar made the models feel confident, elegant and sophisticated; ready for read carpet.



After a final walk of the models presenting one more time the designs of all the talented designers featured in the show, Carl Anglim, Director of Oxford Fashion Studio gives a quick speech to congratulate the creative minds behind each and every one of the labels; putting the audience in the right mood to keep going with some more fashion, some more talent, some more designs, and some more uniqueness in the next shows.