Oxford Fashion Studio – LFW Collection Shows (Part 2)

By | September 17, 2017

Oxford Fashion Studio – LFW Collection Shows (Part 2)


Words by Armelle Aurelya Morton


After having started on fire with striking designs, the Oxford Fashion Studio London shows are getting on. The 7:00 pm show, also showcases some very diverse designs and seems as promising as the 5:00pm one.



Opening the Collection Show, designer Rawan Maki and her unique creations. Giving a twist to classic shapes and silhouette with highly detailed pleating, stitching and gathering techniques, the designer showcases a collection that could at first seem plain. However, by playing with cut outs and by adding huge bows to the monochromatic designs, Rawan Maki defines clearly who the wearer is and what she likes : she is classic but not boring; she is bold, she is elegant, she is confident.


Unusual transition, the audience is then agreeably surprised when the first male model walking for FRIENDS‘s underwear appears on the catwalk. Nicely cut, with colorful details, the underwear are perfectly presented, with fit and cheeky models who do not hesitate to use their appeal to seduce the audience. Between playful look and tense muscles, the FRIENDS designs could not have been better presented on the catwalk.


Ladunni Lambo‘s designs were next on the catwalk. With a strong Victorian influence, Ladunni Lambo added details such as frills, lace and high neck shapes which; added to shiny refined fabrics, created a modern idea of vintage clothing. With the color gold running through the whole collection, the whole series appears both coherent and fluid at the same time.


The first Voel dress appears on the runway. All the designs showcase incredible draping and wrapping techniques. Offering a range of voluptuous and fluid dresses made out of soft fabrics, the designer wants the wearer to feel comfortable, simple, elegant and different all at the same time. With the patterns resembling a splash of paint or a constellation of stars, the Voel designs gets the viewer to travel to a different place through her art.

Next on the runway, the Tasha’s Closet range. Offering a fresh Spring Summer collection, the designer is proving that fashion can be simple, chic and elegant all at the same time. From the subtle flowery prints to the light fabrics, from the comfy playsuits to the feminine shirt-dresses, the Tasha’s Closet were showcased in the best summery way, with the right accessories to get us to book our holidays tickets straight away.


Staying on the track of Summer and colorful looks, the TOM&TEDDY swimwear brand offered some exciting bold designs for men for the hot season. Wearing straw hats, sunglasses and plastic flip-flops to take us straight to Australia, the brand’s homeland; the models added a touch of energy and good vybz onto the runway. They looked comfortable, confident and bold : that is the spirit of the TOM&TEDDY brand.


From one atmosphere to another, the I AM KREYOL creations are next on the catwalk. Looking at those designs, the name of the label suddenly becomes obvious : frills, oversized shoulders, big flowers and belted waist translate perfectly the essence of the brand. The voluptuous shapes and the bold colours, associated with refined accessories offer a new vision of the creole aesthetic. The peace and love signs drawn on the hands of the models leave the viewer to dream, to think, to imagine.


The 80’s are next to be invited on the runway. The Anya Liesnik creations, blending 80’s aesthetic and 50’s spirit are now running down the catwalk. Glittery bodysuits, flashes of skin and tulle trains are a big part of the Anya Liesnik collection, which was perfectly presented on some disco pop music.


Bosari closes the collection show on a very high note with some minimalistic looks, with soft and complementary colours. The geometric patterns added to the structured cuts of the designs gave a very sophisticated monochromatic look to the models. From this show, we can remember : the Bosari woman is a sophisticated woman with modern taste, refined aesthetic and avant-garde lifestyle.


After a final walk of all the models showing for the last time a complete overview of the different talents for this collection show, Carl Anglim, director of Oxford Fashion Studio gave a warm round of applause to all the designers, preparing the audience for the next and last show of the day.