Oxford Fashion Studio – LFW Collection Shows (Part 3)

By | September 17, 2017

Oxford Fashion Studio – LFW Collection Shows (Part 3)


Words by Armelle Aurelya Morton


After having spent the whole afternoon watching incredible designers, the audience is now ready to end the day with striking amazing creations again. The designers showing at 9:00 pm have been waiting all day, and for a whole season to finally see their work on the runway; it is finally show time !





Setting up the atmosphere for the show ; intriguing music, unique makeup, personalised hairstyle, the zendresscut designs are running down the runway. Putting together all the details to translate the spirit of the brand and its uniqueness, the designer has a strong identity, and shares it with the audience. Playing with the dimensions of the human body and creating optical illusions with shapes, textures and patterns, the zendresscut label has transported the audience into a very unique parallel world, which is both intriguing and thought-provoking.


Next pieces on the runway, the J.KWAN collection. In case the pointy metallic shoes worn by the models are not a good enough hint, all the designs are definitely influenced by the 80’s aesthetic. From the jumpsuit to the prints, the creations are a real throwback to this fashion era. The designer know how to add a modern twist to the pieces, by playing with textures, textiles and small details; creating a new modern interpretation of old fashion.


The dadarena designs are next to be showcased on the catwalk. Featuring soft fabrics, comfy shapes, graphic prints and structural cuts, the creations are running down the catwalk like graphic design artwork worn by elegant models. The influence of architecture is strong, and graphic design is infusing the whole series. With this collection, the designer is strongly striking the audience which has nothing in mind but the will to just be curling up in those pieces of comfortable fashion.


The steady beat of the music soon announces MIOMARTHA, next designer on the runway. Making a strong statement with a sky-blue color running through the whole collection, the designer is presenting a very feminine collection. The colorful accessories, along with the subtle details and the powerful attitude of the models are all elements to enhance the minimalistic aesthetic of the MIOMARTHA creations.


Change of music, change of atmosphere. The Sherry Kwok creations are now on the catwalk, giving a new approach to sportswear. While the models were comfortably walking down the runway, the light garments were floating behind them and the beautifully shaped add-ons were meandering around their bodies, enhancing every single one of their steps. Wavy patterns and close-fitting jumpsuit are making the series both visually and practically interesting; the perfect way to be practicing sport without looking like everybody else.


Next to be featured is AEREN WATERS, showcasing quality pieces of luggage and quality bags. Rather it be small pieces or bigger ones, quality is always present in every single one of the AEREN WATERS creations. The one piece standing out : the oversized handbag and its horizontal navy and white stripes, resembling the French marinière. Chic, different and minimalistic, the piece is definitely a statement piece for the fashion aware woman.


Seconds after, the first Sarawalee designs appears on the catwalk. The sophisticated gowns showcase intricate details and embossed textures, showing the skillful work that has been put into creating the garments. The femininity of the designs, combined with the quality materials make them red-carpet worthy, and eye-catching. Rather it be the pleated details or the striking cuts, the work showcased on the designs is what makes the label stand out, and make it a brand for sophisticated women.


Next on the runway : Australian designer Lisa Swinbanks and her summery creations. The love of the designer for lace and crop tops is her signature and can be observed through the collection. The detailed cut-outs, associated with the minimalist aesthetic of the designs are the perfect blend for the Lisa Swinbanks creations.


Closing the show, Møx Label and their Felony collection. From the music to the accessories, every detail counts. From the well tailored menswear jackets, to the leather details. From the lacey womenswear garments, to the feather add-ons, the series has a strong character, transporting the viewers far, very far from their seats. The long black coat covering the male model from head to toe, his face hidden under an oversized hood was certainly the most striking piece of the collection; the most striking one, amongst some very powerful monochrome garments.


The show ends with a final walk from all the models, featuring one last time every single designer from this collection show. After a quick speech from Carl Anglim, Director of Oxford Fashion Studio, the audience leaves the runway space, with images and memories of extraordinary designs having been showcased during London Fashion Week with Oxford Fashion Studio.