Oxford Fashion Studio – LFW Collection Shows (Part 1)

By | September 17, 2017

Oxford Fashion Studio – LFW Collection Shows (Part 1)


Words by Armelle Aurelya Morton


5:00 pm : Guests are getting impatient to see the unique creations of the designers who have been carefully curated by the Oxford Fashion Studio Team this season. Glasses full of bubbles, goodie bags on the chairs, edgy outfits and vibrant music. All eyes are on the catwalk, waiting for the models to showcase the skills of the different designers. After all guests having been seated, the lighting changes. Show time.



Portuguese designer Gonçalo Peixoto is opening the show with a strong look : an all-white outfit subtly feminine by marking the waist of the slender silhouette. The all white look is definitely a statement in this collection. Sometimes accessorized with bright yellow heeled-shoes and other sunny touches here and there, the all-white silhouettes are soon introducing some bold color-block outfits. Emphasized shoulders  and stripes, the Gonçalo Peixoto woman is even stronger now; having gone from soft whites and loose shapes to structured colorful garments.

Next pieces on the catwalk : the Moi Dasch by Marina Furin‘s accessories. Beautifully and elegantly presented, with all models wearing plain comfortable silky jumpsuits, Marina Furin’s accessories were highlighted in the best way possible. Rather it be the strong and structured necklaces or the quality bags, these accessories made a statement on the runway, one look after the other. The carefully detailed necklaces, combining strong and refined aesthetic work, and are indeed perfect to spice up a classic outfit (why not a plain silky jumpsuit ?).

The Ayaso Boutique kimonos were next on the catwalk. Floating materials, soft colours and gracious walk were all it took for the audience to be transported. By combining soft browns and blues, and different prints, Ayaso Boutique hypnotises the viewer. Rather it be for religious reasons, aesthetic choices or for the love of fashion, the Ayaso Boutique designs have all that is required to seduce the fashion trained eye.

Change of music, change of atmosphere, change of style. The Parking Level designs are playing with the usual perception of silhouette. Structured shoulders, tops one inch shorter than usual, on the runway is a new interpretation of cool. It is not sportswear, it is oversized outerwear, with a touch of sophistication that makes it different. The sleeves, wrist and ankles details, combined with the unusual mix and match of textures are the winning formula for the Parking Level collection.

Next on the Runway, the Defective Collective collection. From head to toes, the models are transformed. The duo of designers combined wool and feathers, nets and embroidery, flashy colors with long trains. Rather they are manga dolls or voodoo dolls, one thing is sure : the Defective Collective women have a strong identity. The layers give volume to the creations, and the confident attitude in which the models walk gives them life. The Defective Collective woman is most definitely a colorful woman, with personality and a limitless imagination.

Closing the show is the Australian label DIS/OWNED. Cheeky and irreverent; innovator and consumption conscious, the brand is making a statement. Combining old school aesthetic with modern problematics and contemporary shapes, we are witnessing a real clash between underwear and outerwear, breaking the codes of femininity.


After a final walk of all the models for the first collection show, Carl Anglim, director of Oxford Fashion Studio highlights once again the talents of the unique designers who just showcased their pieces to an exclusive audience. It is time now to get ready for the second part of the evening, and discover some more talented creative minds.