Oxford Fashion Studio – PFW Collection Shows (part 2)

By | October 6, 2017

Words by Annelies Keus


No place in the world as gorgeous as Paris. The city of light, city of love. On our way to Place Vendôme, the famous rectangle shaped square and starting point of the Rue de la Paix. The arriving guests are gathering at the reception area, nipping from their carefully decorated glasses of champagne before entering the historic hall where the goodie bags are waiting to be taken from the front row seats of the perfectly lined up chairs. A few minutes later the doors open and the room quickly fills with important fashion influencers, editors and buyers. It’s showtime.

Designer Yumi Kim opened the 7pm show with her collection called “The Beautiful Rebellion”. To create her garments, the young graduated folds and bends fabrics to create 3D volume. Every design within her collection is a piece of art on its own, using volume to lead the way. With futuristic shapes and a-symmetrical lines Yumi Kim is perfecting her craft, creating unique designs in a beautiful blend of colour and print. “The beautiful Rebellion” shows the designers unstoppable attitude and remarkable talent.

Accessories designer Mirochoa designs true pieces of art. Classic shaped handbags with exquisite prints, beautifully presented on classic black dresses. From medium square leather handbags with lightning shaped 3-colloured stripes, shiny clutches and a bronze metallic tote bag.

The next pieces shown where the designs from Hong Kong brand Berth Number 66. The models strut down the runway in vintage inspired clothing. 1920s style dresses with a low waistline, contrasting thick lace and prints. Wool capes and cosy knits created an oversized look. The whole collection showed a beautiful combination of color, print and texture.

Brazilian designer Lidi Vignes showed an absolutely outstanding all white couture collection. Gorgeous silk dresses with high necklines. The flowing skirts on the dresses featured raised hemlines in the front, creating a slightly oversized, elegant shape. Her collection had a chic, though comfortable style, made from the highest quality of fabrics using couture stitching and embroideries, creating timeless everlasting pieces.

Native African American influences dominated the collection designed by Belinda Bullshoe. Using traditional sewing techniques, her garments are perfectly seemed. Classic shaped dresses with bold colours and shimmer. Each piece featured excessive details, balancing daring and fun with classic elegance. Garments cut from delicate silk, the detailed printing and combining of textures like sheer and embroidery makes her collection truly unique.

Creative Director Amanda Indah Lestari’s Indonesian roots form the base for the brand Lekat. Sharing the beauty of her culture with an outstanding collection, showing skills and creativity within every single piece. Her signature style is found in the way the brand uses materials, patterns and motifs on tailored trousers and coats, playfully layered from fabrics such as tweed and cotton.

First Nations Fashion gave a modern twist to traditional fashion. The collection featured lose fit trousers pared with crop tops, A-line dresses and an outstanding silk maxi dress in black, with subtle texture, lose fit and a low waistline. With the traditional patterns and astonishing colours, this brand knows how to create beautiful pieces that can complement every woman’s best features. Combining original prints with sheer and lace on flowing garments, the collection seamlessly came together as a whole.

Closing the 7pm show were the stunning creations by Nikki Hendricks. Showing pieces on both men and woman, this young designer is making a statement about race, religion, gender and sexuality. After already presenting her “The Blends” collection in NYC on September 8th, her show in Paris last week broke all records in a creative burst of positive energy. An outstanding collection where sophistication meets urban. Nikki has a unique eye for combining different materials and cuts, maintaining the perfect shape for both men and women. With a playful use of lengths and prints, offering wearable designs for the bold while allowing them to show their own identity in a beautiful way.