Norish Kareem // Malaysia

By | February 9, 2017

New York // 5pm Runway Show //Norish Kareem Couture

My name is Norish Kareem and with passion and pride I have developed the Norish Kareem Couture collection. I am from Malaysia and have lived in London since 2012. I graduated from Cardi University, United Kingdom in 2013 with an MBA. I am a Master of Research (Mres) in Business and Management holder from Kingston University London and currently a Ph.D student at Kingston University, London. I am a member of the Institute of Consulting in London and have a professional certificate of Business Consulting from the UK Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). I have always been passionate for good design and fashion. My background in business and management allows me to bring NKC to market to share my love of clothes that allow others to feel confident and in control. As a woman, I want to allow others to be able to dress with style and modesty, elegance and élan.

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