Naomi Peris Bridal – Milan

By | September 5, 2017

Rethinking Raiment with Naomi Peris Bridal

Words by Rebecca Ochab

Wedding day- it is, for some people, the most important day of their lives. Thus, I feel it is a meager understatement to say that the expectations for bridal gowns are high. Both in person and in photographs, the cut, color, texture and fit must be immaculate. Naomi Hogie is an Australian fashion designer that creates individual custom designed and tailored gowns for each bride. From design to production to fitting and alterations, Naomi Peris Bridal is the epitome of bespoke. I’m stating the evident but to find this type of made-to-measure service in an industry that thrives on a mass market business model is difficult. Here, the intricacies are not to be forgotten. There’s French lace, detailed embroidery, ruching, artful beading, and gossamer overlays. The designer creates unforgettable gowns for the “modern sexy bride”. The latest Fairy Princesses of the Amazon Jungle collection is based on the concept of a woman’s upbringing in the Amazon. The fusion of humans and jungle animals from lizards to apes, and exotic butterflies to birds, is portrayed in each piece. Naomi Peris Bridal will be showcasing their latest collection this month at Milan Fashion Week with Oxford Fashion Studio. These gowns will make anyone kindly decline Grandma’s offer to don the heirloom wedding gown on their special day.