MioMartha – London

By | September 5, 2017

Modern Equality, Progressive Convictions


Words by Rebecca Ochab

The designer behind German brand MioMartha prefers clean elegance. Heidi Koselowski’s design values are simple and sustainable. She believes in sustainable production and wearable clothing that pairs well with many pieces. The beauty of the brand’s design process lies in the environmentally friendly ideologies that pervade each step of the process. From sourcing from ethical suppliers and manufacturers, to localized garment creation in Germany, the process is nothing short of transparent. The MioMartha collection is “clean – clear – pure” in the designer’s own words. The latest collection, entitled Modern Equality is inspired by boy groups of from the late 70s and early 80’s London. Their distinct style elements like bigger buttons and high collars are details that inform the collection. The collection consists of light blue poplin for a summery and breathable look suitable for warm weather. Just as Summer goes – summery fashion comes because MioMartha will be showcasing their Modern Equality Collection at London Fashion Week with Oxford Fashion Studio this month.