Melisa Amaya: Post Show Interview

By | October 31, 2017

Melisa Amaya: Post Show Interview


Melisa Amaya’s Curiti collection brought a loose and floral like addition to this year’s runway. Each of her garments shared a bronze, gold or peach undertone allowing the prints and cuts to speak for themselves.




1)      How did you like the show?


I loved the show. From the beginning all the team from Oxford were great. I liked how was organized, the environment for the runway was perfect and how the received all the guests for the show.


2)      Did your designs encompass all that you imagined them to be? Or is there something you wish you could have done different?


I think there were perfect. All the looks showed how I am as a designer and the essential part of my inspiration for the collection.


3)      Watching your designs grace the runway did it make you feel accomplished? What were your emotions?


It was the best feeling. I felt happy, proud of myself and I couldn’t stop smiling. It was the best experience so far in my career.

4)      What was the feedback you received from your following? (Customers, family, ect.)


It was better that I thought. My family and friends were so proud of me. In the other hand my business in Colombia is growing thanks to the runway. It opened new doors for new opportunities and I can’t be more happy. .


5)      Did you enjoy the runway experience? Do you plan on participating in runway shows in the future?


I loved the experience since day one when I started making the collection until the day was shown. My plans for the future is to be back on the fashion week and keep following my dreams.


6)      If you watched any other shows (prior/post your show) which ones did you enjoy/relate to the most?


I loved my show but I also I watched the show from Paris fashion week and I liked too. The environment was different and I think was one of the best shows.


7)      Was New York Fashion Week all that you expected it to be?


Yes. When I was about to leave to the fashion week I didn’t really know what to expected, I was nervous and excited, but all the experience was perfect in their own way. I loved it and I hope one day I will back again.