Matt Sarafa – Paris

By | September 6, 2017

Wearer’s Discretion

Words by Rebecca Ochab

Before getting too comfortable in his title as Fashion Designer / Project Runway Junior standout, Matt Sarafa moved fast. The 18-year-old designer turned blogger, makeup artist, entrepreneur, and personality (in no order of priority) is no stranger to understanding a generation that moves at the very same speed. Sarafa believes that people should, “wear whatever the hell makes you feel confident”, an often said but rarely done sentiment. His newest collection, which includes both ready to wear and accessories, adheres to the designer’s sensibilities. “Edgy, urban and badass”, as the designer himself puts it, are adjectives that certainly describe the collection contents. From embellished neckpieces, to gilded hand chains to athletic inspired T’s, each piece carries its own cheeky descriptive name. Sarafa is no stranger to press, with features in Galore Magazine, Southbay Magazine, and, to name a few. We can’t help but suspect that this is only the beginning for Sarafa, his aesthetic a seemingly perfect fit for publications like LADYGUNN or BRICKS Magazine. One of his signature graphic tees would likely be sported by someone like stylist/blogger Aleali May, amongst others. The California native will show his newest collection at Paris Fashion Week with Oxford Fashion Studio next month, where his pieces will undoubtedly be at home in a city that praises the gilded and ornate.