Liisa Soolepp – New York

By | September 11, 2017

Unmistakable treasures, knitted to perfection


Words by Annelies Keus

The best thing about colder weather? Layering! When it comes to layering up for fall, especially when you have trouble leaving your summer clothes behind, knitwear is essential, and quality is key. By creating the finest pieces of knitwear using organic cotton and wool, Estonian designer Liisa Soolepp is reflecting quality, femininity and spirit through her designs.  

With the desire to create more meaningfulness, Liisa Soolepp’s brand philosophy is conscious- aiming to create pieces that last. Her work draws inspiration from the respective stories of nature’s paths and abstract patterns and tactile surfaces from the Eastern European environment she was born in. Beautifully textured layers of fine knitted perfection; this sustainable collection is an unmistakable treasure and a very exciting swift from the infamous fast fashion we all became so familiar with. A breath of fresh air and another step towards making slow fashion mainstream.
Liisa showed her work on the Oxford Fashion Studio runway in New York City, this past week.