Kristina Viirpalu/KV Couture // Estonia

By | February 9, 2017

New York // 7pm Runway Show // Viive 

Kristina Viirpalu values the perishing skills and the unique beauty of the traditional techniques. Her KV Couture atelier in Tallinn Old Town has kept these traditions alive in spite of the fast pace of modern life and fashion. Time-consuming hand knitting and extensive detailed embroidery are used for creating unique handmade couture dresses, wedding gowns and hand embroidered bodysuits. Kristina Viirpalu is a feminine and entirely unique label that presents the hand-knitted couture creations as one of its high-lights. As an expression of extravagance these dresses are made of the finest silk, wool or cotton. Fashion designer Kristina Viirpalu has a unique and recognizable style. Her collections have drawn inspiration from the embroidery of Estonian national costumes and the delicate patterns of the knitted Haapsalu shawl. Stylizing these patterns Kristina has created a collection of abundantly detailed pieces of art. Kristina also emphasizes that although functionality is not the primary characteristic of a couture dress, her designs are wearable, comfortable and can be worn many different ways. Adding a luxurious skirt to a bikini style top creates a sumptuous wedding dress. Some dresses can even be fitted into a small handbag. Multifunctionality with elegant glamour and opulent detailing characterizes Kristina Viirpalu designs.

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