KRISTINA FIDELSKAYA at Oxford Fashion Studio’s Paris Fashion Week’s show

By | September 28, 2017

KRISTINA FIDELSKAYA at Oxford Fashion Studio’s Paris Fashion Week’s show



Words by Armelle Aurelya Morton







After weeks of preparations, decision making and meetings with the team, Dubai-based designer Kristina Fidelskaya is finally showcasing her collection in an exclusive show during Paris Fashion Week with Oxford Fashion Studio. With a very sophisticated, elegant and chic identity, the French capital is the perfect city for the label to be showing.


Having opted for the exclusive option, Kristina Fidelskaya and her team made sure that the brand is presented in the best possible way; they chose to have control over every single aspect of the show, making it personalised, unique and distinctive of the label’s identity. For this Fashion Week in Paris, the brand is showcasing a 42-looks-collection, one look being as strong and powerful as the previous one; one look translating the brand’s message as great as the previous one. The Kristina Fidelskaya woman is a modern, confident and charismatic; the collection is a perfect reflection of all those characteristics.

After all the models have been chosen, the fittings have been done and the space has been set up; the iconic Paris Place Vendôme is ready to welcome the Kristina Fidelskaya show.


At 2:30, the first guests are entering the hallway and are handed glasses of bubbles, putting them in the right mood to appreciate the creations. Champagne flowing, very select crowd, guests are now taking pictures, while photographers are setting up, and the runway director gives some last minute updates and instructions. After 40 minutes, guests are now getting placed in the runway space and the models are ready to walk and showcase the garments.

When actress Abbie Cornish enters the room, dressed all in Kristina Fidelskaya, it is time to close the doors and get the show started. Press and buyers are also ready, including representatives of Vogue UK, Fashion TV, Fashion Forward Dubai and FNL Network.


Light changes, music changes. The screens are now playing an intriguing and mysterious clip, reflecting the collection. For its international debut, Kristina Fidelskaya designed the Anima collection, inspired by the W.E movie. When the first look walks down the runway, the mood is set. Structured shapes, combined with pure lines and floating silhouettes, the viewer can appreciate the layering work and the clean cuts of the outfits. We appreciate the trousers and their metallic details on the lower leg part. The confidence and attitude of the models fit perfectly with the notable dress coats and floating skirts of the collection. With a strong art deco influence, romantic influence and Brutalist architecture, the collection is coherent, strong and empowering. The audience is receptive, the photographers are clicking and the designs are shining.


After a final walk from all the models, and a quick appearance from the face behind the brands, guests give a big round of applause  to appreciate the first international collection show of the Dubai-based designer.


The space is now being cleared, and the fashionable crowd is leaving the runway space for some more fashion moments and picture taking on the very chic Place Vendôme. It is time for the Oxford Fashion Studio team to get ready for the next show.