Dominique Mearns – Milan

By | September 16, 2017

Dominique Mearns Creations: Because all Women deserve it.

Words by Armelle Aurelya Morton.


Rather it is for a wedding, for a prom, for a red carpet night, or for personal satisfaction, every woman has a good reason to wear a special gown whenever she decides to do so. Australian designer Dominique Mearns creates for those women, to make them feel beautiful and unique for their special and not-so-special occasions. By creating her handcrafted embellished sophisticated gowns, the designer makes a point of providing the perfect fit, the perfect style, in the perfect luxurious fabrics for the wearer. Every woman is, deep inside, a Goddess; and Goddesses deserve the best.

Having been features in the likes of Brides on A Mission Magazine and the Huffington Post; having been worn by Australian TV Host Brittany Bloomer amongst others, the latest Dominique Mearns creations will be reinforcing this message on the runways of Milan Fashion Week this season with Oxford Fashion Studio, encouraging women to “get their Goddess on”.




Dominique Mearns is the woman behind the brand; she believes in empowering women with her work. Not only does she create designs to meet the exact needs of the wearer; she also contributes to international programs helping women in other countries. In fact, one of the most notable commitments of the brand, is its involvement in education and skills programs for women in underprivileged Thai communities, so that these women are not destined to anything, and can be the ones to break the circle of poverty. Combining her designing skills with social issues, Dominique Mearns spreads a clear message : women deserve the best in every single area of their lives, the biggest like the smallest, rather it be in terms of education, or in terms of the quality of their garments.

All the Dominique Mearns garments are designed in Australia and handcrafted with embellishments created by luxury artisans. Mostly made by hand, the gowns feature luxurious handwoven fabrics, the embellishments use genuine gemstones, freshwater pearls and coral, each having a specific meaning.





Through her creations, the Australian designer reminds women they do not need anybody’s authorisation to justify how sophisticated they look. And if a woman needs a special occasion to be wearing a beautiful embellished gown, she just needs to remember it is always somebody’s wedding, birthday, or special party somewhere in the world, so “get your Goddess on”, it is a special occasion for somebody !


This season, the special garments for special women will be presented by Dominique Mearns during Milan Fashion Week with Oxford Fashion Studio. It’s time for all ladies to get what they deserve.