Defective Collective – London

By | September 13, 2017

Defective Collective; Regenerative Design Culture


Words by Annelies Keus

Two constantly evolving artists combine their talents and creative space, launching their collaborative brand, Defective Collective. By creating worldly items that should exist in our reality, Defective Collective is inspired by the emotions that you get from wearing different colours and textures. For their latest collection “HIVE BRAIN” the duo has been building their designs with layers using fabrics from plastics, paint and embroidery. Its an ongoing project, compiling eclectic aesthetics into wearable art.

Based out of Toronto and Hamilton the two creatives are heavily influenced by street art and yarn bombing. They see beyond the madness of the structured world, to create pieces with attitude, and unlimited and eccentric beauty.

The edgy looks are made from raw and stiff materials and are layered with soft woven fabrics, creating beautiful textures. Every piece tells their story, upcycled with splashes of paint in bright colours and constructed details, distinctively added with interesting patterns and patches. They combine professional embroidery with sewing and freehand crocheting, which makes each garment a one-of-a-kind. Through their work, they are expressing their vision in a unique way.


“We are inspired to create peace love and happiness in a world that sometimes focuses on the negative. If we create beauty, we all are beauty.”


Over the past two years, Defective Collective has presented their work as part of various fundraisers and art projects in the GTA and Montreal. They are now focused on pushing their careers to the next level by showing their latest work during London Fashion Week on the Oxford Fashion Studio runway on September 16th.