Bobel the Label – Milan

By | September 4, 2017

Dare To Be Creative

Words by Annelies Keus

Australian based fashion brand, Bobel the Label, was founded by designer Naa Shormey Pretzsch. The Ghana born creative devoted her work to the bold and the fashion forward. With an incredible talent to create unique elegant garments, she is well on her way to fulfill all our fashion related desires.

With the start of every piece, Naa focusses on the silhouettes and bringing them together with the fabrics. Her designs are feminine with delicate texture. Subtle hints from her African roots with a modern twist are visible in both print and shape. Her incredible eye for detail is shown through the bold lines enhancing the female body. With deep plunge V necklines and asymmetrical hems on haute worthy gowns in silk and chiffon, featuring splashes of gold, lace and embroidered collars.


Naa dreamed of becoming a fashion designer ever since she was a child and had started sketching when she was 6 years old. Growing up in West Africa, her parents didn’t have the finances to send her abroad for a fashion education, and the infrastructure at home simply wasn’t there to support her career. After finishing her Master’s Degree in Communications in Townsville, Australia, she decided to pursue her childhood dream and started her very own label, Bobel the Label.


Since 2015, she has gathered a following by selling her garments through Textile Collective, which is a Local Designers Collective for women’s fashion and accessories. She took part in the Brisbane Fashion Month in 2016, and won the designer excellence award at the Townsville Fashion Festival earlier this year. Bobel the Label is now getting ready to show their collection with Oxford Fashion Studio during Milan Fashion Week on September 22nd.