Belinda Bullshoe; Made in Montana

By | October 31, 2017

Words by Annelies Keus


After having shown in New York last season, designer Belinda Bullshoe presented her work to the European fashion scene in Paris for the very first time, sharing with the world the story, culture and heritage of the Native American people through fashion, clothing and art.   

Cultural influences dominated Bullshoe’s collection on the Oxford Fashion Studio runway in Paris last month. Using traditional sewing techniques, her garments were perfectly seemed. Classic shaped dresses with bold colours and additional shimmer. Each piece featured excessive details, balancing daring and fun with classic elegance. Garments cut from delicate silk, the detailed prints and combination of textures like sheer and embroidery makes her collection truly unique.

The designer received countless compliments about her collection after her showcase in Paris. With a fair number of viewers on the shows Live Stream, and the Place Vendôme filled with enthusiastic industry guests, Belinda felt overwhelmed but satisfied.

From an early age, Belinda has been taught the traditional sewing techniques of the Native American culture at home, while watching her grandmother sew dresses. This is one of the main reasons why her designs are so authentic.

To be able to realize her dream of showing her creations in the fashion capital of the world, Belinda was relying on crowdfunding. Raising up to 11000 dollars, mostly by herself and with a little help of the organization Go Fund, it definitely was a dream come true. And it didn’t end there, within her community, she is known as one of Montana’s top Native American designers in the United States, and became an inspiration to many. She will also be featured as a spokesperson for several events back home, to educate people on fashion and tradition.

Next fall, the designer will be showing a brand-new collection with OFS during Milan Fashion Week in September 2018. While still experimenting with the concept, she is currently working on a dress line in which she wants to step out of her comfort zone and mix her own cultural background with Italian tradition and style. For Belinda, creating a collection means presenting her personality to the world. She doesn’t make sketches when designing her garments, instead she allows her imagination to lead the way: “Dresses create themselves, and there is a story behind every single piece.”

Belinda firmly believes that hard work eventually will pay off, and she is the living proof of that herself.