Asurio Pinafico by Joy Chicano And Eresel Rhea // Philippines

By | February 9, 2017

New York // 9pm Runway Show // Emotion 

5 years ago, Eresel Rhea and Jose “Joy” first met as fashion students studying at the Fashion Institute of the Philippines. Before graduating, Eresel launched her company Asurio Pinafico (pronounced ah-ZOOR-ee-oh Pee-NAH-fee-koh) in 2012. Asurio Pinafico (“AP”) focuses on women’s wear and offers both ready-to-wear pieces and custom outfits. In its brief history, AP quickly grew despite its limited marketing via social media and word of mouth. Eresel’s elegant and sophisticated aesthetic, meticulous attention to detail, quality, and customer service earned the attention of AP’s growing clientele which ranges from brides-to-be, beauty pageant winners, stylists, and celebrities.

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