By | September 5, 2017

To Women Land and Beyond

Words by Rebecca Ochab

Neverland, Candyland, Wonderland; all of the “lands” we are accustomed to in the English language are quite whimsical. Women Land- a pensive visual world that’s not too far off. Women Land is a feminism-inspired collection by Rayza Carvalho, founder and creative director of Brazilian based brand ALEXANDRINO. In her interpretation of female empowerment, the designer carries the concept throughout each piece. “The structured fabrics bring the idea of strength and tenacity of women in the world, while their femininity and sensuality are expressed by the delicacy of the hand embroidery and versatility presented within the pieces”, Carvalho states. It’s handmade and soft but there is hardware and attention to detail to balance the softness. The designer is inspired by real world phenomena that she later translates into otherworldly pieces. From experiencing her Grandmother’s atelier a young age, the designer herself admits that her interest in fashion has steadily developed. Although her inspirations vary, there is always a similar streak, which is her understanding of the female and what she wants to wear. ALEXANDRINO will be showcasing the latest collection at Paris Fashion Week with Oxford Fashion Studio this September. Off to Women Land we go….